Azamgarh Solidarity Forum Organises All India Seminar, Demands Fair Reinvestigation of All Major Bomb Blasts Cases

Afroz Alam Sahil, BeyondHeadlines

Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh: Azamgarh Solidarity Forum organized a day-long seminar entitled “Challenges Before the Country and Our Responsibilities” here on March 3 at local Shibli College here. Delivering inaugural speech, Dr Asad Idrees said that the confession of Aseemanand had unveiled the real face of Abhinav Bharat, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Despite the fact that the truth of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath has come forward, no restriction is being imposed on them, he added.

“Hindu terror outfits and corrupt and biased administration are real threat for the country,” Idrees said questioning that why only Muslims and their organizations are always blamed for any terror activities in the country. Referring to the controversial Batla House encounter, he said that government officials who took law in their hands and opted for unconstitutional means were rewarded for fake encounters. He said that demand for impartial probe in such terror-related activities was turned giving reasons that it would demoralize the police force. Double standard was applied in case of accused Muslim and Hindus and even a senior politician like Advani went out of way to intervene for accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh.

“Indian Muslims are the biggest obstacle in formation of Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation), and the novel of Bankim Chand Chaterjee is the road map of Hindu Rashtra,” observed Syed Hameed, editor of Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu), Mumbai.

In his keynote address, SM Mushrif, former inspector general (IG) of police, Maharashtra, said: “Brahmanist forces are the greatest challenge for the country. By Brahmanist forces, I do not mean Brahmins caste of the country but those who follow this poisonous. These people are less in number but very active in the policy making of the country.”

Mushrif, who has authored Who Killed Karkare, said that the Brahminist lobby was very strong and in good number in country’s internal intelligence agency called the Intelligence Bureau (IB). “This lobby plays a pivotal role in disturbing the communal atmosphere of the country. They themselves get bomb explosions occurred and misguide investigating agencies. As a result, Muslims are detained and arrested on the basis of false charges,” Mushrif said.

He further said: “The Brahminist lobby is so strong in the IB that even the prime minister is unable to control it. Former Prime Minister VP Singh tried to control the agency, but this kind of effort has not been made so far.”

Shedding light on the functioning of different investigating agencies, the ex-IG said that will probing any case, all investigating agencies blindly accept IB inputs. This practice is completely unlawful, he added. He demanded that the details available in Colonel Purohit’s laptop with regard to the Malegaon blast case should be made public and fair inquiry should be done. He further demanded that reinvestigation of all bomb blasts that occurred after 2000 by new agencies.

SR Darapuri, retired IG of Uttar Pradesh, also elaborated on corrupt practices and communal bias prevalent in the police force. In this regard, he did not even spare the judiciary and emphasized upon proportionate representation of Muslims in bureaucracy and the police forces. He said that a majority of police officers are associated with communal forces like Sangh Parivar and soon after their retirement, they join Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS).

Speaking on this occasion on the issue of Batla House ‘encounter’, Manisha Sethi, lecturer in Center for the Study of Comparative Religions and Civilizations and also president of the Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association, pointed out the contradictions in the police versions about the Batla House shootout. “The acquittal of Md Salman from the 2008 Delhi blasts case at the stage of framing charges gives credence to our conviction that the Delhi Police is indulged in frame-ups while annuling the youth in blast case,” she said.

Manisha further said that the Delhi Police Special Cell, which contradicted the probe in the Delhi blasts case has a proven record of labeling innocents as terrorists. “This is not simply the allegation of civil rights activists but court judgments and CBI reports have also held the Special cell guilty,” she lamented.

“We need to mobilize to demand compensation for those innocents who were declared terrorists and demand the prosecution of those police officers who deliberately and knowingly charged innocent youth with terror charges,” Manisha suggested.

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