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BJP Maintained Anti-US rhetoric for political gains

M Reyaz  BeyondHeadlines

The ghost of WikiLeaks, it appears, is turning its head to the BJP now.

Latest diplomatic cables released by The Hindu-WikiLeaks reveals that anti-US “political rhetoric” at the time of the nuclear deal was “meant to scoring easy political points against the (ruling) UPA.”

While the country was boiling with discussions on Indo-US civil-nuclear deal, BJP insiders assured the US Embassy “in private conversations” not to read too much in a ‘foreign policy resolution’ they had just passed.

According to one dispatch of then Deputy Chief of Mission Rover Blake, BJP’s then national executive member Seshahdri Chari assured him, “not to read too much into the foreign policy resolution, especially the part relating to the US.” On Embassy’s concern, he purportedly dismissed it calling the resolution a “standard practice.”

According to another cable, LK Advani had himself assured during the general elections that, “there would be continuity and strength in US-India relations should a BJP-led government emerge…”

The Congress party’s relation with the US maybe jeopardized in the wake of the recent WikiLeaks. Some cables suggest that US tried to woo the BJP at the cost of its relations with the Congress for smooth civil nuclear deal.


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