Getting Paid for Fighting Against Corruption!

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Team Anna says 121 crore Indian support them. Interestingly not a Single Muslim donated to Anna’s Movement! Afroz Alam Sahil reports for BeyondHeadlines.

New Delhi. Transparency is good only when we have to talk about it. In real it is difficult thing to practice. This may be the reason of government’s reluctance to pass a strong Lokpal as demanded by adamant Anna and his team and For Anna and his team to not reply to RTI’s filed by BeyondHeadlines.

The tussle over lokpal is in final phase now, government has introduced its bill in parliament, Team Anna, like always, has rejected the bill. Now we wait for Dec 27 when Anna will begin his third fast for the lokpal.

Meanwhile, Beyondheadlines tried to investigate into the funding of the Anna Hazare’s movement. For the same we filed RTI’s to Anna’s organisation Bhrastachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas, Manish Sisodia’s Organisation Kabir, Arvind Kejriwal’s organisation PCRF, which is running the movement of India Against Corruption which in real is a non registered body.

Anna, Manish and Kejriwal talk a lot about transparency when they are on News channels or in public meeting. But when it comes to practice they are like the parliamentarians who too speak a lot about it in parliamentary debates while their real conduct shows something else.

Anna Hazare and Manish Sisodia didn’t bother to reply to the RTI’s questioning funding of their respective organizations. PCRF gave a half hearted reply saying the details are available on the website.

We asked Kabir to furnish details of its funding and Purchase of its office and funds for the same. The RTI was filed in August but we have got no response till now.

RTI’s filed earlier by BeyondHeadlines show that Kabir is funded by Ford Foundation, Dutch Embassy and many other foreign organizations. In 2011 alone Kabir got 2 lakh Dollars (nearly 1 Crore Rupees) from Ford Foundation.  But Kabir did not mention name of   the Dutch Embassy in list of donors on its website. Dutch Embassy has donated Around 20 lakh rupees to kabir to  carry activities in India.

One interesting fact is that Kabir is funded mostly by foreign NGO’s. It is not clear from where these foriegn NGO’s get funds from. Foriegn NGO’s are funding Indian NGO’s to carry their activities.

Alleging the movement is funded by foreign Nations, Congress MP Praveen Singh Aron says, this movement is started to destabilize strong central government and is funded mainly by foreign powers.

Team Anna claim that the India Against Corruption is a movement of 120 crore people of India but the fact is that among the 400 donors who donated more than 10000 Rupees to the movement, none is a Muslim. The Donor list includes corporate like Tata and Jindal, banks like HDFC bank and Kashmir Bank, Private schools like Carmel and many other private organizations.

Out of the total of 25214478 rupees of funds received as donations Kejriwal stashed away around ten lakh rupees as salaries to employees of PCRF. More interesting is the fact that these employees are also in the core committee of team Anna. In other words people of India are paying salaries to freedom fighters of second Struggle of India’s freedom!

Alleging Corruption in funds received by PCRF, one of donors named Vipin Nayyar is on dharna at Jantar Mantar to get back 36000 Rupees he donated to the movement.  He says that he was beaten by PCRF members when he demanded his money back.

For Now, The Bill is in the parliament, the stage is set for Anna’s another fast in Mumbai.  PCRF has more than Fifty Lakh Rupees as surplus in funds but still it went to court to get the Mumbai ground for free.   And Anna, who says he will not take donations, further is now again asking his fans to collect.  The question is, how ethical is for Mr. Kejriwal  and Manish Sisodia to ask the People of India to Participate in the Anshan and donate for the fight when a large sum of money went as salaries to employees of organizations fighting for corruption.

And Why should people of India Fight for free when the core committee members of Anna are getting paid for the second struggle of Freedom?

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