An Honest Son Killed, Will India Get Justice?

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New Delhi. India Has Many IPS and IAS officers but not all are honest. Narendra Kumar a young and bold IPS was honest but is not alive. 32 Year old Narendra Kumar was allegedly killed by mining mafia in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday when he was trying to stop a tractor carrying illegally mined stones.

On Friday morning his wife IAS Madhurani Tewatia ignited his pyre at his ancestral village phoolpur in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. The fire is no more but a question still burns-that will India get Justice?

The death of Narendra Kumar is not only a personal blow to his family or friends but is a common loss of all citizens of India. An honest and dedicated son is dead perhaps mother India suffered the greatest lost.

At a time when earning money has become one and only objective of most of IAS and IPS officers, Narendra Kumar showed that is made of some different metal that cannot be melted by political pressure or greed.

Narendra, a 2009 batch IPS, was a dedicated officer. He was as honest in his pre selection days as he was after becoming IPS. Speaking to BeyondHeadlines one of his friend said that when he was attacked by mafia in Uttar Pradesh he found Narendra by his side raising his morale and confidence.

Indian Public has reacted very angrily to death of Narendra Kumar. The media coverage has forced state government to order Judicial enquiry but that seem to be not sufficient in this case. Demanding CBI enquiry the state Congress has called a band in state on Saturday.

More than 2200 people have joined facebook support page created to spearhead campaign for Justice for Narendra Kumar IPS. Most of the Youths have given angry reaction to his death.

The silence response of state police and govt to death of this Young officer also proves that Mafia still rules chambal region.

Questioning Govt  stand Team Anna member Kiran Bedi tweeted Will judicial enquiry ordered by CM, MP into murder of Narendra also investigate level of so called ignorance of MLA,MP,CM,HM,CS, HS, DGP?

A user commented on facebook page- Meenakshi Lekhi of BJP said on Star News that the IPS officer could have been part of an extortion racket. That still does not give the mafia the right to kill him.

An honest son is dead, the question still remains that will India ever get justice, will the corrupt and mafia go to jail and honest and peaceful citizen live without fear?


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