“I too am corrupt”

Amit Tyagi for BeyondHeadlines

“Corruption”, everyone is talking about corruption today. We all are tiered of facing corruption in government offices. Every day I hear news of either a corrupt official or politician on news channel. I am tired of hearing it over and over again. But it always leaves a question unanswered in my mind. And the question is, “Am I not corrupt?”

When I sit back and think, I find that I too have directly/indirectly involved in lot of corrupt things by now. Ever since I can recall, I can think of many instances when I, for my small benefits, breached rules and regulation. And you will be surprised to know that every time I had logic behind my ill doings and I made it justified to me.

Be it bribing a policeman for not wearing helmet and I was feeling so proud by doing this as if I had contributed in national development. Even my friend, who was traveling with me, also appreciated my courage of handling the situation. I was a hero in my friends that day. And it was very much justified to me, when these big crocodiles are eating hell lot of tax payers money, my little this thing does not make any difference. I am CONFIDENT!

For many years, I did submit false rent receipts to save my income tax. Again the same feeling… feeling of heroism as if I had contributed in national development. I again have a justified logic to give to my own self… when this big business giants are stealing hell lots of taxes, my little this thing does not make any difference. I am once again CONFIDENT!

And the list of such instances goes on until I die….

There were many times when I have gone thru this feeling of heroism and proud by breaching rules and making some small benefit out of it.

And I seriously don’t find it WRONG.

The system is such that even if I want to stay honest, it will, many a time, force me to become corrupt.

I am a middle class salaried AAM AADMI, I am no Revolutionary; I have responsibilities back at home, every second day I cannot take leave from my office to do agitation against these corrupt fellows. They will any ways not change. What do I do, I am left with no option but to see my convenience and get my work done even if I have to give them convenience money.. Oh, it’s a modern term for bribe.

In such circumstances, can anything be done? Some people advise me that I should vote for honest candidate in election but I find no one honest.

I had met many intelligent fellows during my school and college days, some of them wanted to become doctor, some wanted to become engineer, some of them chose to go abroad in search of a better life, some became academicians. However, it’s very strange to find that since my childhood I came across no one who was planning to become a politician.

Oh My GOD – Where is my Nation Going? A Nation without Leaders and Vision…

it’s an alarming situation. Who will do this job than?
I have no answer to it today… Maximum I could do is to make an attempt by my own self.

Before I write this article off – I just want to share one quotation said by Pluto

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”

As always, I leave it up to readers to decide. Do we choose to crib today and give a worst leaderless tomorrow to our next generation?
Or do we motivate our generation to participate in politics; the most important job of Nation Building.

Our previous generation gave us freedom. It’s up to us to decide what we will give to our next generations?

Jai Hind!!!

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