Truth of Batla House Fake Encounter Would Expose the Real Face of Terrorism

Muhammad Saleem Engineer for BeyondHeadlines

The Batla House encounter is clearly a fake encounter in my opinion & I think millions of Indians are of this opinion. In my opinion it is the result of a number of factors such as (a)  well thought out national and international agenda of communal fascist and anti Islamic forces of targeting and demonizing the  highly qualified and practicing Muslim youth who assert their Islamic identity, (b) the rivalry among the police officials and agencies for taking credit, (c) the conspiracy of political leaders in power to safe guard their political position.

These four years have proved that Muslims are being treated as soft targets and experimental objects. It is surprising that the UPA government is not ready to get it investigated despite of strong demand from various corners of the society. It is evident that neither the UPA government nor their agencies wish that the face of real terrorism is exposed. It if does happen so many of themselves would be exposed. I strongly believe that it would happen certainly.

The politics of Batla House have strengthened the distrust in the ruling party, police, agencies, the media and the judiciary. However, still the only way is the independent judicial probe to ensure that justice is being done. If strong and sustained pressure by democratic means is maintained over the government it is possible. The political parties understand only the political language of gain and loss, we need to learn and talk in this language.

If the probe does not happen the real terrorist would be free to execute terror activities as it has happened in these four years and targeting the innocent Muslim youths would continue. In the atmosphere of multiple injustice in we are living in now and the disappointment and frustration in Human right activists and the Muslim youth would eventually grow and the country would become weak from within as the systems have betrayed their citizens and it is not far when the country will move towards slavery. The discrimination and communal prejudice against Muslims  in police and intelligence agencies is evident. Within few hours of any terrorist act the names of terrorist organizations clearly indicating Muslim link are announced. It is surprising that our agencies are not fair even in suspecting.

The Muslim religious leaders and organizations have strongly agitated and made efforts against this injustice but the Muslim political leaders have not played the desired role in this regard of course there some are exceptions. They need to strive jointly without fearing any political or any other kind of loss.

The police –Muslim relations at present are of distrust and dis-respect this is a ground reality we need to accept. The communal fascist forces have infiltrated into these agencies and have impressed a large section of them. India’s close and strategic relations with America and Israel have strengthened this distrust as well.. Indian Police and intelligence agencies are being trained by American and Israeli secret agencies assuming Muslim youth as enemy of our country. In the name of self defined counter terrorism our police and intelligence agencies are fighting against our own Indian youth. I think our country has been badly trapped in conspiracy against us hatched by those who fear that we can replace them as a powerful country.

(The author is National Secretary at Jamaat-e-Islami Hind)

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