The Whole World Still Loves this Simple Man

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Our initiative to reach out to people on the relevance of Gandhi and his thoughts in 2012 has received overwhelming responses. Below is the response of Pankaj Jha, an actor from Mumbai.

As an actor I have worked in lots of theatre plays and TV shows in different characters. Last year I got a call from Aajtak channel to play Mahatma Gandhi in a special documentary programme on Gandhiji to be shot as a road show. I immediately agreed and after some meetings and discussions we were ready to hit the roads of some major cities of India so we started our shoot from Sabarmati Aashram.

Camera rolled and I was sitting on the same carpet with the same Charkha that Bapu used to sit and make the clothes. I was a bit nervous but just after the first shot I felt like Bapu entered in me and he is giving me his blessings. After that during the whole shoot in cities people were so emotional and they forgot for some time that an actor is playing Gandhi. Then i felt Bapu is still relevant still in our heart. He is in demand. In some places people caught my feet and started to cry. Then I came to know why the whole world is still talking about the simple man.

I experienced lot of things during the whole shoot. You can watch some of the parts on my You Tube channel:


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