Combating Violence Against Women: A Public Talk at JNU by SIO

Kashif Ahmed Faraz for BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi: Even after so much of turmoil on Delhi gang rape which had taken place five months earlier, the series of such incidence is increasing day by day. Recently, again the whole nation faces the ignominy of brutal rape of a five-year old girl in East Delhi on 17 April and subsequent savage brutalisation of the poor soul. To introspect the reason for the increasing brutality in the society, A public talk on “Combating Violence Against Women: The Way Ahead” was organised by SIO at JNU on Wednesday 8th May.


The guest speaker Mr. Bharat Dongra, Eminent Author and Columnist addressing the gathering, said “In the multi-culture world there are different views on sexuality, some follows liberal views on sex while other believes in sex within the wed-lock but the common thing which is condemned in every society, is forced sex or rape. Besides strict laws and active policing, ban on pornography and alcohol need to be implemented. The reports tell that growth in pornography industry increases the sexual crime against women and in many cases the rapist are found addicted of liquor and pornography.”

He advocated the moral values in society and said “Due to very moral crisis society has been facing such tragic incidence, hence ethical values need to be upheld.”

Mr. Shariq Ansar, National Secretary, SIO raised the rape issue in conflict areas like Northeast, Kashmir and Naxalites influenced area and said, “Why media do not speak out when the Manipuris, Kashmiris and Adivasis women are being raped by Armed Forces and Security Agencies. Such state sponsored crimes are being used as a tool to suppress the rebel voices against injustice and brutality.”

Regarding the prevailing nature of sexual crimes against women in the society he emphasized the role of family in the character building of a child.

Mr. Ejaz Aslam, Editor-in-Chief, Radiance Views Weekly opined that sex is the essential need of human nature but it should be maintained with respect and responsibility within the martial boundaries.

Concerning over the obscenity, he said, “Sexual crimes are the by-product of uncontrolled lust desire that took place when the nudity and obscenity become the emerging trend of the society. Hence it’s the high time cultivate new generation with good values and morals.”

The program was coordinated by Ms. Sumaiya, Research Scholar, JNU. Mr. Mahroof, Secretary, JNU SIO expressed his gratitude to the speakers and audience.

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