Prabhakar Deshmukh and His Crores : When Will the Government Act?

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Divisional commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh who owns property in Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Daund in his immoveable property return information from 2010 to 2012, which every Indian Administrative officer has to file has not only showed depreciation in the value of his properties at different places, but also purchased piece of land at a place which according to his returns has a depreciating value. Data of immovable property is maintained by Department of personnel and training.

Deshmukh has mentioned in IPR that he  holds a 11000 sq ft of land on his name and 6000 square feet of land on his daughter’s name at Nanded city. In his IPR of 2010, Deshmukh has mention 17 Lakhs as the rate of 11000 square feet of land on his name and 12 Lakhs as the rate of 6000 square feet of land on his daughter name, but in year 2012 the rates in his IPR for the piece of land on his and her daughter’s name reduced to 8.50 lakh and 5 lakh respectively. Question arises if Deshmukh knows that rate of land is reducing, then why he have brought 50,000 square feet of land in Nanded city.

According to Deshmukh’s IPR of 2010 he   owns a 1095 square feet flat in yerwada (28 lakhs ), 11000 sq ft in Nanded city (17 lakhs), a 950 square ft flat in plush Sir Poachkhanwala road of Worli in Mumbai (2 core 30 lakhs), approx  8 acres (3H 23 R)of agricultural land (24 lakhs) and 6000 sq ft plot (8.5 lakhs)of Lodhawade village (Mann taluka) of Satara district, on his wife’s name there is around 11 acre ( 2H 64 R) in Lengare village (20 lakhs)  Sangli, around 30 acres in Wakhari in Daund ( 24 lakhs), 60,000 sq ft (593 sq mtr) plot in Keshav Nagar Mundhwa (51 lakhs), around 36 acre (14H 82R) in Jambhe village (26 lakhs), Satara and agricultural land around 3 acre (1H 23,66 R) in Mulshi which is subject to MPU endowing exchange to area of 10,000 sq ft plot area and a bunglow of 4000-4500 sq ft to be constructed on it (95 lakhs)

Deshmukh has also brought property on the name of his son and daughter, there is 6000 sq ft land on her daughter’s name in Nanaded city amounting to 12 lakhs in 2010 and approx 36 acre (14H 82 R) of agricultural lane in Jamhe in satara amounting to 26 lakhs, where his wife also holds a property of 36 acre and a 311 sq mtr plot in Akluj village of solapur district amounting to 35 lakhs.

Except the flat in Pune and 6000 sq ft plot in in Lodhawade village of Satara, in his IPR of 2011 and 2012 Deshmukh has  showed depreciation each of his property, where as real state market is rising. It is to be noted Deshmukh has not filled his IPR of 2013.

In his IPR OF 2011 Deshmukh has not mentioned the property on the name of his wife except the land in Daund. He has mentioned that the ancestral property inherited by his wife at Village Lengare and Lewale are not shown per rule of AIS (conduct) rules, 1968. He has also mentioned that 36 acres of land owned by his wife is not mentioned in the return because the loan owned by him to his wife is been return by her and the property at Mundhwa and Akluj on the name of his wife and son has been sold out.

Real state expert Ravindra Karandikar said, “currents rates in Yerwada are  around 5000 rupees sq feet, which is the lowest  and in any area near Pune which have chances of development is not less than two crores per acre, that is 500 rupees per square feet, in areas like Mundwa per sq ft rate is around 900  rupees sq feet.”

It is to be noted Deshmukh according to the rates of real state market Deshmukh has not given the details of his property.

Vijay Kumbhar , RTI activist said, “Deshmukh has wrongly filed his immovable property returns and also violates land ceiling act, there is a agriculture land limit  per family ,which is 18 acres of water land, 36 acres without water and 54 acres of land for the fruit farming, but Deshmukh has bought around 70 acres of land on the name of his family in Jambhe, satara.”

Divisional commissioner, Prabhakar Deshmukh in his defence stated, “I have mentioned my property on the basis of approximate value in 2010, in 2011 and 2012 I have mentioned  rates of my property on the basis of ready reckoner and there is no depreciation in it and It wrong that I  have purchased 50,000 sq ft of land I have brought  only 29000.”

It to be noted that  BeyondHeadlines has documents supporting that Deshmukh has purchased 50,000 square ft of land in Nanded city. Deshmukh and his family brought, 0.17 hectares on his wife name, 0.95 hectares on his son name and 0.29 hectares on his name on 23rd December 2013.

It is to be noted that Deshmukh was collector of Pune from 2004-2008 and during his tenure application for Nanded city  project has been passed.

Divisional commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh has Purchased 300 acres of land on the name of names of his relatives in Jambhe village. It came in media that This land was brought was jointly brought  by Deshmukh and Builder Ramesh Kavediyaat 2 crore rupees in year 2010 and in January 2013 this agricultural land was given nonagricultural status and its price rised to 127 crores. On this 300 acres of land Siddhivinayak eco power project has come and selling process of plts have been started.

According to Vijay Kumbhar, as per the scheme first 100 buyers will get 21000 sq ft plot at 21 lakhs after which the price will change, so the land which was purchased for 160 paisa  per sq ft will be sold at 100 rs per sq ft.

Note: Deshmukh has mentioned the land brought in Jambe on the name of his wife and son in returns which is a part of 300 acre land.

The value of property return mentioned by Prabhakar Deshmukh is 3 crore 57 lakhs 50 thousand, where as the actual value of property he mentioned in his return is 46 crores 87 lakhs.

Deshmukh has purchased 300 acres of land on the names of his relatives in Jambhe village in Satara district with a  builder at rupees 2 crores. In year 2013 the price of land has reached to 127 crores after land got turned into Non agriculture.

Flat In yerwada    – 54,55,000

Flat In Worli        –  4.75 crore

Land at Lodhawade, satara (approx 8 acres)- 1 crore 36 lakhs

Land at Nanded city   –  4.2 crore including 50,000 sq ft land which which is purchased on the name of deshmukh’s family.

Plot for residential purpose at Lodhawade (6000 sqft) -42 lakhs

Land at wakhri, Daund,   – 1.8 crore (on the name of deshmukh’s wife)

Plot at keshav nagar Mundhwa –  1,18,60,000  (on the name of deshmukh’s wife)

Land in Jambhe, Satara      – 14.4 crores (on the name of deshmukh’s wife)

Land in Lewale, Mulshi   – 4 crores (on the name of deshmukh’s wife)

Land at Nanded city   – 36 lakhs (This land is on the name of Deshmukh’s daughter)

Land at Jambhe   – 14.4 crores (on the name of deshmukh’s son)

 Total 46 crores 87 lakhs

When contacted Alok Jha, Manager- research, Jones Lang lasalle  for enquiring current  property rates in areas of which Deshmukh has shown depreciated value in his return, he informed,”

Per Square feet rates of Flats in Yerwada is between 4500 -5800 rupees  psft, in Keshavnagar rates varies between 1600 to 200 rupees psft in residential zone, in Nanded city the rates of flats varies from INR 4200-4700 psft, at sinhgad road it is 5000- 8000 rupees psft and agricultural land is arounf 600 psft.

Jha Informed that the rate of a residential flat at Poachkhanwala road in Worli is in the range of 40,000 -50,000 psft and rate of land per acre in Lewale is 1.5 crore.

A local real state consultant  who doesn’t wish to be named says, “in Lodhwade rate is approximately 15-20 lakhs per acre, in Jambhe it is between 40-50 lakhs and in Wakhri  (Daund) it is between 25-35 lakhs per acre.

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