India Expected To Grow Gambling Between 2017 and 2021

With the new year’s advent numerous market projections are being issued: commercial agreements for economic growth, financial news and gambling topics.

Actually, gambling is part of the Indian “way of life” since centuries, being fully considered to be a typical trait of the Indian mentality and vision of life. Most ancient gambling games have been discovered by archeologists working in India, which states how long the gambling tradition on the territory is.

Gambling After 1867

Everything seemed to turn around in favor of gambling in India, until British colonial authorities decided to ban gambling in 1867. This date marks a sudden change in the Indian vision of gambling. However, Indians didn’t stop to play gambling games even after 1867, they used to meet in secret halls where they played card games mostly.

Today the diffusion of the internet gives a strong contribution to overcoming barriers from the past. Today’s Indians can, actually, access many sports and casino websites, while a growing number of Indian visitors to Las Vegas has been registered in the latest two years. More than 1.1 M of Indian tourists visited casino cities in the year 2015. Such numbers let experts think of a next growth of the gambling market in India. Politically, gambling may represent a great strategic choice for the Indian government, as well.

Most Chosen Online Casinos

Indians who visit and play on online casinos show to appreciate the Australian casino set of advantageous gambling features. The Australian casino tradition can offer much to the Indian developing casino market in terms of ideas, news and advanced technology.

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card gameGamblers who want to play safe and for real money should always take much care in choosing an online casino. With top gambling websites  players can experience safe games and excellent security measures.

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