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Karjat Waqf Mafia Issue to be Raised in Maharashtra Assembly —MLA Imtiaz Jaleel

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Ahmednagar: Waqf crusader and leading voice on waqf land mafia in Maharastra, MLA Imtiaz Jaleel visited Karjat in Ahmednagar on Friday and met with the mother and father of late waqf activist Tauseef Shaikh who was forced to commit suicide by the waqf land mafia on Dec 20.

Jaleel assured the family members that he would raise the issue in the assembly and ensure that criminal and conspiracy related cases will be registered against the mafia in Karjat.

Karjat waqf land according to Government official estimated is worth Rs 500 crores and is spread over 200 acres of land and belongs to Dawal Malik Waqf Shrine (Dargah).

Imtiaz Jaleel said, “We will not come under pressure from the mafia and legal action will be taken against all the Government officials. Protection must be given to Tausif Grave and waqf activists must not be threatened. Lakhs of waqf activists and lawyers and MIM party members are keeping watch on the waqf mafia of Karjat. I’m raising the issue in the assembly and a detailed report will be asked by the Government,” he said.

The villagers pointed out that the Karjat mafia was very dangerous as it originated some 40 years ago and was completely controlling the waqf land worth Rs 500 crores and spread over 200 acres on prime urban land. The villagers from all communities expressed fear before the legislator that the waqf activists will be targeted by the mafia which has strong roots in a police department and the revenue department.

“False cases against Muslim community members who are now fighting for waqf will be foisted as the community has realized the economic potential and that looters with fascist connections were behind a systematic agenda of suppressing the honest Muslim community who were fighting for their democratic rights of waqf. We will ensure that all the waqf mafia which is illegal but operating under the cover of legality and taking help of corrupt Government officials in the police will be exposed,” said Sajid Khan, a waqf activist from the area.

The alleged suicide of Tauseef Shaikh of Karjat, Ahmednagar, who was protesting against illegal encroachment and illegal construction at Waqf land is the first incident of its kind in India.

Tauseef Shaikh is the first Muslim of Maharashtra who committed suicide by pouring petrol over himself at Tahsildar office in front of Ahmednagar District Collectors Office on Dec 21, 2018. He was very much disgusted as authorities were not paying attention to his applications and complaints against illegal encroachment of Waqf properties in Karjat tahsil of Ahmednagar district.

Local Muslims are very much agitated after the death of Tausif Shaikh and are blaming Waqf Land Mafia and corrupt officials for suicide and death of  Tausif Shaikh.

Local Muslims say that there is a possibility of they becoming a victim of the highhandedness by police and administration for raising the voice of truth and waqf. They demanded countrywide help of lawyers, community members and lawyers to raise their voice at the national level and protect their lives from waqf mafia.

Waqf Kruti Samiti, a leading organization from Maharashtra in media briefing said that Karjat mafia was connected to politicians, educationists, gamblers, bootleggers, Satta operators, goondas and murderers which was a perfect example of a hidden underworld which needs CBI, CID and detailed forensic investigation.

They appealed to the entire country to help the poor and honest waqf activists of Karjat from the bloodthirsty Karjat Waqf Mafia. Local residents have demanded schools, hospitals and university to be constructed on Karjat Waqf land.

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