Hold Your Pen and Join us in the Fight Against Communalism

When a handful of people are trying to spread communalism in India, there are also people who fight against it every day. When some misguided people can spread hatred, then others can try to spread love in the nation as well. Remember, if we accept communalism as ‘normal’ then we must know that this is extremely problematic and we must be mindful about it.

There can be weaknesses in the principle and practicality of ‘secularism’ but is there anything good about ‘communalism’?

Beware! If we try to justify it then undoubtedly, we are becoming barbaric. Those who believe in communalism are murderers and they are the biggest enemy of India.

With the same thought and worry, BeyondHeadlines and Mission Bhartiyam have teamed up for a unique national level writing competition named “#2Gether4India”.  We invite original articles on communal harmony.

So, hold your pens and join us in our fight against communalism.

The broad objective of this competition is to promote interfaith dialogue and to make efforts towards multiculturalism, love and social harmony.

Any original article that can be a real story, a memoir or personal experience of the author related to communal harmony or helpful in the promotion of communal harmony in the country would be considered.

Being Indians, we all have exposure to diversity in terms of language, caste, religion etc. When we talk about religion, the fact comes that common people have many experiences to share about how they relate to each other that strengthens the secular fabric.

As a human being we all believe and desire for peace, love and harmony and people at large are good by heart, however, sometimes, there are forces which try to disrupt social harmony and aims to disintegration that creates conflict, hatred, suspicion and violence.

Through this move, we would like to offer an opportunity to people to express their sentiments, emotions, views and experiences as when such experiences would join; this may create a wave where a positive reflection would be coming and then many stereotypes and suspicion would also be broken.

Entries for a compilation of stories on Communal Harmony are invited from people. All shortlisted entries would be made published for the campaign #2Gather4India at beyondheadlines.in 

Selected entries would be considered for the award that will be given at New Delhi along with a discussion on ‘Communal Harmony’ in the presence of distinguished guests. The organisers of this contest believe that through this campaign, #2Gather4India we can counter the propaganda of negativity and hatred. It will further help in breaking many stereotypes and suspicion.

The broad objective of this competition is to promote interfaith dialogue and to make efforts towards multiculturalism, love and social harmony


— Any Indian citizen is eligible for taking part in this competition

— Only one article per person with a declaration regarding the originality of the article

— Articles typed in Hindi/English languages within 1000 words

— Author if desires may also attach any relevant photograph with sources

— Your article will be published on BeyondHeadlines

— Send your articles by email at beyondheadlinesnews@gmail.com 

— Last Date is 25 March, 2019

—Announcement of three best articles in both languages will be done in the last week of February in New Delhi where distinguished guests, activists, media persons, spiritual leaders would be gathered to send messages of peace and communal harmony.

Organizers :

Mission Bhartiyam

Mission Bhartiyam is National Organization working for Peace & Communal Harmony, Human Rights & Environment since Oct 2008. This organization also aims to promote people to people relations in South Asian countries. Managed and led by youths, Mission Bhartiyam’s activities are mostly based upon developing voluntary spirit among people to work for society. For its contribution to society, the organization has received recognition and awards.

INSAAN International Foundation:

INSAAN is an emerging platform for community service, policy research and advocacy. INSAAN works to advance constitutional values of equality of men and women, the dignity of labour, capacity development, empowerment of the underprivileged, transparency & accountability in governance, peaceful coexistence, communal, social and ecological harmony.


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