AstroGemologist Dr M M Raza Predicts Coalition Government with Kumaraswamy as King or Kingmaker in Karnataka

Renowned AstroGemologist Dr. M M Raza, who predicted accurately — the Nepal earthquake, the end of the terror outfit ISIS, the return of the KCR Government in 2018, and the return of the Narendra Modi Government in 2019, has predicted that a coalition government is destined to take over power from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after the results are announced for the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections on May 13. He predicted that the Janata Dal (S) working president Kumaraswamy will be the King or the Kingmaker. He says that there will be a Congress Coalition Government with the support of JD (S). He pitched in that Kumaraswamy may even become the chief minister due to his current planetary position, which show RajYog.

Raza rubbished the pre-poll surveys, which give a clear majority to Congress to form the government. He opined that it is a neck-and-neck fight between the Congress and the BJP.  He predicted that the Congress and the BJP may get between 90 – 100 seats each with plus or minus 4 – 5 seats. He thinks the JD (S) may score between 35 – 45 seats. He did not agree with surveys that gave the JD (S) up to 25 seats. The news is disappointing for the Aam Admi Party (AAP), which may go for a duck! Others may get 4 – 5 seats.

Elaborating on Kumaraswamy’s political future, Raza pointed out that it is a good time for Geminis. For the Gemini sign – Kumaraswamy’s native sign, Saturn is in the 9th house. This indicates people’s support for Kumaraswamy. Raza exults that Jupiter is in the 11th house in Kumaraswamy’s chart. He says that Jupiter denotes a rise in fortune and power. He concedes at the same time that people’s power is supreme. Whoever the people want, they will hand over power to them.

Speaking to BeyondHeadlines from the United States, Dr. M M Raza places Kumaraswamy as firmly placed for power. He says he has made a comparative study of the political fortunes of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Congress leaders Siddaramaiah and D K Shiv Kumar. He states that Kumaraswamy’s stars are the strongest among all the four politicians. Raza says that he is a Gyani (knowledgable) and he is well-educated. However, he says the astrological predictions are mere calculations. Only the Almighty Allah knows the best!

The Nataka (drama) in Karnataka is taking new twists and turns with each passing day. The BJP leader Narendra Modi after failing quite miserably to garner support for the alleged ‘40 % government’ in Karnataka is polarizing the assembly elections by giving it a religious frenzy. Modi does not talk about development as usual. Manipur is burning! But Modi is enjoying the road shows in Bengaluru. The people of Karnataka should not fall prey to Amit Shah’s alleged threats that communal riots will break out if BJP is not re-elected to power. Whatever be the outcome of the high-decibel elections, the peaceful Kannadigas should protect brotherhood and harmony at all costs!     

AstroGemologist Dr M M Raza Predicts Coalition Government with Kumaraswamy as King or Kingmaker in Karnataka

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