Some Weird Lottery Superstitions!

BeyondHeadlines (BH) is a leading alternative news portal providing information and analysis that the mainstream media have chosen to ignore. BH’s focus on local events, alternative analysis and RTI exposes have been great sources for national and international stories. In this short article, we will share some of the interesting urban legends, some of which deal with lottery!

Famous Urban Legends

According to this legend Mr. Rogers, theAre you afraid that she might appear? popular children’s show host, was once a Navy SEAL sniper in Vietnam responsible for numerous deaths. It goes on to say that the only reason he always wears a sweater is to cover up all of his tattoos. As you may have guessed, Mr. Rogers was never a Navy SEAL.

The bloody Mary myth has continued to scare children throughout the years. It has been widely told that if you turn out the lights and look into the mirror and say bloody Mary five times, Mary Worth’s spirit would appear. Upon appearing the spirit would scratch out your eyes. Fortunately, this is just a myth, which has not been proven.

Famous Lottery Superstitions

We all know winning the lottery is purely based on luck, but witIt just might help you win - the lucky eye, Nazar!h luck comes superstitions. There’s many practices we carry out in regards to choosing our lotto numbers, because at the end of the day it isn’t that easy to pick numbers that could potentially change your life.

Charms, amulets, and talismans are believed by some to have magical powers. Traditionally, they are carried on one's person, or around one's neck, or the object is touched in some way. This touching of the lucky object is a belief in many cultures. Many people today consider superstitions quaint. Some had their beginnings in ancient religions or the occult arts.

Take a look and see if you're doing some of these actions in the hope of improving your luck:

  1. Passing a lottery ticket over the back of a black cat.
  2. Passing a lotto ticket over the belly of a pregnant woman.
  3. Keeping an old iron key in your pocket while buying.
  4. Entering the lottery store with your left foot.

Some people have their own special way of placing their bets or choosing their lucky numbers. While choosing your own set of numbers can vary from person to person, a lot of people follow popular ways of knowing their lucky numbers. Some of the commonly used numbers are their favorite numbers, year of birth, birth date, anniversary, and age, among others.

First of all, what is divination? Shortly put, Okay, let us not get crazy here!it is the art of foretelling the future using omens and signs. The habit dates back to ancient times when animal bones and entrails were used to made these future predictions. The Greeks preferred to use the splash of the water in basins, while the Romans enjoyed using knucklebones.

Some people, on the other hand, still believe in lucky lotto numbers! When you ask some of them how they choose these numbers, they said “I always play the numbers from the back of my fortune cookies.” What a creative (and tasty) ideas these people have! Now where’s my fortune cookie?

Several lottery players have this superstition of buying their lottery tickets from the same retailer every week. Majority of the players simply make a choice to buy their lottery ticket from the nearest lottery store, while some of them are ready to buy them at a remote place due to the fact that they previously bought the ticket, which made them win, from that store.

So, do you feel lucky? Maybe it is finally the time to check those latest latest Powerball results and see what happens. You may just feel your luck change!

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