China Urges Int’l Community to Fulfill UN Resolution on Libya

Beijing (Xinhua): China on Friday urged the international community to earnestly fulfill the United Nations Security Council resolution on Libya, and take peaceful measures to settle the current crisis.

“China pays close attention to the situation in Libya,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu in response to a question concerning the founding of the rebel Interim National Council of Transition (INCT) in Libya.

China believes Libya’s internal affairs should be decided by Libyan people themselves, Jiang said.

The most pressing matter is to earnestly implement the UN Security Council 1970 resolution, avoid further civilian casualties in Libya, and push relevant parties of Libya to settle the current crisis through peaceful means such as dialogue, she said.

Responding to a question on some countries’ calls for enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya, Jiang said whether the UN Security Council will take measures for the next step or what measures it will take mainly depends on whether such measures will help stabilize the situation in Libya as soon as possible and stop violence there.

She added that during the decision-making process, Libya’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and unification should be respected, the security and interests of the Libyan people and foreigners in Libya should be guaranteed and the concerns and opinions of the Arab and African countries should be listened to.


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