Japan Tsunami

Fear of Nuclear Leak in Japan

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Greenpeace – an International Non-Governmental Environment Organization is worried about the possible leak of hazardous radioactive elements from nuclear plants in Japan, due to earthquake and Tsunami that rocked Japan yesterday.

In a statement released it  said, “Greenpeace is deeply concerned about the potential safety and environmental impacts of both the earthquake and tsunami on Japanese nuclear installations, as well as other hazardous industries such as chemical or oil

As condolences and aides are pouring from across the world, experts are also worried that hazardous leak would increase the suffering of the people, who have the rare distinction of witnessing atomic explosion at the end of the Second World War.

Meanwhile a blast took place at the Fukushima plant No 1. However, Ian Hore-Lacy, of nuclear industry body the World Nuclear Association, told Reuters: “it is obviously an hydrogen explosion … due to hydrogen igniting. If the hydrogen has ignited, then it is gone.  It doesn’t pose any further threat. As far as we know there is no particular danger from radiation leaks. There may be, but we don’t know that. There is no reason to suppose that there must be because of that.”

Latest report, however, suggests that there has been small amount of cesium leak.  Experts are cautioning though that chances of hazardous leak is slim.

Although many nuclear plants were automatically switched off when quake rocked Japan, large amount of coolant is required to immediately cool highly reactive byproducts. Meanwhile, United States have extended support and delivered nuclear coolant to help Japan contain the situation.


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