Food Inflation in India Decreases to 10.39 Percent

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New Delhi: Food inflation in India declined by more than one percentage point to 10.39 percent for the week ended February 19, led by a decline in prices of onions, potatoes and pulses. However, prices of fruit, milk and vegetables as a group continued to remain high.

Food inflation stood at 11.49 percent in the previous reporting week and 21.62 percent in the corresponding period a year ago.
According to data released by the government, prices of potatoes declined by 12.66 percent year-on-year, while pulses fell by 5.02 percent, onions by 3.64 percent and wheat by 2.06 percent.

The items that became dearer during the week ended February 19 vis-a-vis the corresponding year-ago period were fruits (up 16.34 per cent), egg, meat and fish (14.5 percent), vegetables (14.29 percent) and milk (11.07 percent).

The declining prices of certain food items will have a favourable impact on headline inflation in February. General inflation stood at 8.23 percent in January, much above the comfort level of 5-6 percent.

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