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Hindi Press Says Interference of West in Libya Aims at Fulfilling “Vested Interest”

Razia Shahab for BeyondHeadlines

As the United States, France and Britain attacked Libya, it grabbed the whole attention of the Hindi media. Media experts are seeing this attack as the politics for getting control over oil reserves and relating this attack to US attack on Iraq.

An article published in the leading Hindi daily Nav Bharat Times (NBT) entitled “aad se shikar” writes: “Only in 24 hours, Libya was attacked by hundreds of missiles and bombs. As a result, the city witnessing revolution now looking like Iraq of 2003. It is enough to suppose that the intention of the West regarding Libya is not good, and now they want to use the revolutionary movements in the Arab world for the welfare of their oil policy.”


The editorial of the widely circulated Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhasker says: “After the UN resolutions, the United Kingdom, the United States and France have taken the responsibility of putting end to war between the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi government and rebellions. Now one question arises here that what is the limit for them? If they will work within the defined limits of the UNSC, they will have to stop the attack by checking Gaddafi’s brutalities. But if these three countries would try to change the rule, there might be the situation like Iraq.”

The editorial further adds: “If they try to get control over the natural resources of the country directly or indirectly, it would be against the welfare of the country and the whole region.”

Another daily Dainik Jagran writes in an article, “ undoubtedly there are many reasons to suppose that till now the Western countries were supporting Gaddafi for oil and now for these oil resources they want to evict him.

An article entitled “Yuddh Aur Uske Baad” ( War and Situation Ahead) in another leading daily Amar Ujala says, “after Gaddafi’s eviction, the situation in Libya could be very difficult to handle for the West.”

The article further adds, “now Britain and France are playing a leading role but after sometimes, the United States might become leader, which might cause the situation like Iraq and Afghanistan in Libya. It might strengthen the anti-US views in Muslim countries.”

An article in the same Amar Ujala on March 23 says, “in the name of democracy, the West, once again, is fulfilling its own vested interests.” adding that, “whatever the Western countries are doing in Libya is open secret. It is too much more than the resolution of United States and Arab League. The civil war in Libiya has now been changed into a serious attack.”

NBT writes, “the situation in Libya is changing with a civil war. Experts say that Libya is going to become Iraq in waiting. As 7 years ago, they tried to evict Saddam Hussain, and they are now making the same attempt in Libya. After the assassination of Saddam Hussain, the situation in Baghdad is still worse. So may be in Libiya also, after the eviction of Ghaddafi, the situation might not be normal.”

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