No Legitimacy to Military Intervention in Libya, Says UK Lawyer

London (IRNA): A leading human rights lawyer is concerned about the plight of foreign nationals in Libya but is adamantly against Britain or any western country using armed force to interfere.

“There is no legitimacy to military intervention, but I am very worried about the situation in Libya and also about the situation at the borders, where there are so many refugees who have left their homes in panic,” said Louise Christian.

“I think what’s been done so far in terms of sending aeroplanes and aid to the borders to get people back to their homes – there are a lot of Egyptians – I support that but I don’t support any form of military intervention,” Christian said.

“I don’t think that our leaders have the legitimacy to do that. There is no UN resolution,” the award-winning British human rights solicitor said in an interview with IRNA.

She also pointed out that Western governments had previously supported the leaders, who Arab people across the Middle East were rebelling against.

Christian, who has defended detainees at the controversial US concentration camps in Guantanamo Bay, was attending a meeting in London about the next steps in Egypt following the ousting of former president Hosni Mubarak and the army temporarily taking over.

The uprisings in the Arab world were a “moment in history,” she told IRNA, ranking the rebellions as “one of best political events that I can recall in my lifetime.”

It ranks along side (former South African president and human rights campaigner) Nelson Mandela getting out of prison,” the lawyer said.

“It’s wonderful, I am very inspired by the courage of people,” she said, expressing hope that the protests will bring real change to the Middle East.

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