Women's Day Special

Of Boys to be Men… and Wish full fancies

Ektaa Malik for BeyondHeadlines

We don’t need a Women’s Day. We would perhaps need a Men’s Day. A day to create awareness about the various duties, qualities and functions that they should perform. A day where they really own up to being men. Here are some pointers to what men could do to make a successful Men’s Day. May be a time will come in the future when a Men’s Day would be a part of the yearly calendar.

Here are some pointers for us to know that we now “officially” need a Men’s Day. (Loosely translate- “when kingdom comes”).

As today we are surrounded by all sorts of reservations, quotas and other mathematical devices, which eliminate equal opportunities. Here also are three broad categories


  • A day where perhaps there were there would only be 10 men travelling in a bus full of women.
  • Then maybe they would rise up to the occasion and ask for “reserved seat.”
  • Also they would have to carry pepper sprays.
  • Take self defence classes.

Husbands (These actions are listed in order of their impact the last having the most)

  • When Husbands start doing their own laundry-(underwear, dirty linen, curtains – The Works )
  • Maybe have some semblance to hygiene – and cleaned their apartment, before it was declared a public health hazard.
  • Hung the wet towel instead of throwing it on the floor.
  • Maybe served breakfast in bed (its stretching it a bit, but why not, let’s be optimistic)
  • They were being appreciative – of all other species who are perhaps not the alpha male
  • Forgot the beer and the boys and the game on TV- and took the wife out for some fine dining and wine.
  • When women stopped faking IT .(that’s code RED).

Young Men/Boys:

  • Ordered coffee first for the date, then themselves.
  • Opened doors, windows and then beer cans for the lady! Not to forget –  pull chairs for them
  • Remembers the flowers/candy/wine – in accordance with days- birthdays/anniversaries /valentines… etc.
  • When they stop checking out the girl across the bar, while still talking to the one with whom he is on a date with.
  • The “hot girl” in the gym stopped being called from her nick name “hot bod” instead everyone used her real name.
  • When they just stopped being bad.
  • When the Girl Next door won the cute guy, and not the Cheer leader.
  • Plain English- When Betty got Archie and not Veronica.

Till then let’s sport the pink ribbons. Let’s do the marches, and the speeches and the pledges. Get the discounts. Garner support. And otherwise just hope for the D day!! Men’s Day… To be or not to be!!!


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