U.S. Official Says Terror Groups Likely to Take Advantage of Unrest in Mideast

Algiers (Xinhua) — The United States warned Algeria that terrorist groups in the region of Sahel in Africa might exploit the unrest in Arab countries, a senior U.S. official said on March 4.

The coordinator for anti-terrorism at the Department of State Daniel Benjamin said that instability would be in favor of terror groups, which should make us to be more vigilant and prudent.

Benjamin made the remarks at a press conference held at the U. S. Embassy in Algiers, by the end of his visit to Algeria where he held talks with Algerian officials in the framework of bilateral contact group on anti-terrorism cooperation.

He said that his country has not detected any increase in the pace of activities of terror groups in the African Sahel, stressing that terrorism is a phenomenon which should be eradicated from the Sahel region where new changes are taking place.

As for the bilateral contact group, Benjamin said that the contact group is an important step towards ensuring more security, peace and development for the populations of the region.

Concerning the U.S. fleet which is approaching Libyan coasts, Benjamin reassured that the United States is not looking for installing a military base in Africa, adding the U.S. forces that are present near the Libyan coasts are in a standby, and ready to offer humanitarian support.


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