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Fidel Castro Resigns from Party Leadership

HAVANA, April 19 (Xinhua) — Fidel Castro confirmed in an article published Tuesday that he would no longer be part of the top leadership of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).

In the article posted on the website, Castro said he would not be a member of the new Central Committee of the PCC.

Courtesy: Xinhua/Reuters File Photo

“Raul already knew that I would not accept any position in the current party,” he was quoted as saying.

Fidel, 84, revealed last month he had already resigned from all official posts in 2006, including that of the PCC’s first secretary, due to his poor health.

Raul, Castro’s younger brother, took over from him the presidency of the Council of State in 2006. Raul’s position was later confirmed by a National Assembly election in 2008.

Castro did not attend the ongoing Sixth Congress of the PCC, which is expected to vote in a new leadership of the party.


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