Smear campaign against the Bhushans: The ‘True’ Facts

Coalition of Democratic Movements , an independent group has come up with  answers to specific allegations put on Bhushans

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New Delhi: Shortly after the notification of the joint drafting committee, a smear campaign against the Bhushans was unleashed. A ‘fabricated’ CD was circulated to select media organizations. Allegations were made about stamp duty evasion with regard to the purchase of a property in Allahabad. Aspersions were cast on the allotment of 2 farm land plots in NOIDA to Mr. Shanti Bhushan and Mr. Jayant  Bhushan. A lot of misinformation was spread through innuendos by sections of the media. A campaign was mounted to get the Bhushans to resign from the drafting committee. In the swirl of allegations and innuendos the hope of those who carried out this campaign along with their spin doctors in the media was that the facts would not be examined by the people and an impression would remain that the Bhushans were not as clean as people thought them to be. It is therefore important to examine the facts in order to unravel the smear campaign. Coalition of Democratic Movements , an independent group have come up with a answers to specific allegations.

Statement of facts regarding Shanti Bhushan CD

Q1. How did this CD surface and what are its contents?

1. On 13th April 2011, a CD was mysteriously delivered to some select media organizations, including Indian Express which contained a purported telephonic conversation between Mr. Amar Singh and Mr. Mulayam Singh as well as between Mr. Shanti Bhushan and Mr. Mulayam Singh. The purport of the conversation was to suggest that Mr. Shanti Bhushan was telling Mr. Mulayam

Singh that his son Mr. Prashant Bhushan can fix a particular judge in Supreme Court for Rs. 4 crores.

2. This CD was played out by an Indian Express reporter before Mr. Shanti Bhushan on the night of 13th April. Since Mr. Shanti Bhushan had never met Mr. Amar Singh with whom he is purported to be sitting while having this conversation, and because it was preposterous to suggest that such conversation had taken place, he lodged an FIR regarding fabrication of CD the very next day.

Q2. What are the facts about the verification of this CD and what role has the media played in disseminating this information?

1. On 16th April 2011, Hindustan Times carried a front page story that they had got  the CD verified from a Govt Lab, which had certified it to be genuine. They, however, did not publish or report the name of the lab or expert.

2. On 17th April 2011, Mr. Prashant Bhushan and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference, where they released the reports from two renowned forensic labs; Hyderabad-based Truth Labs, which is amongst the best forensic labs in India, headed by Dr. Gandhi Kaza and US-based Sound Evidence headed by Dr. George Papcun. These reports authored by Dr. S R Singh, Former Director, CFSL-CBI,

New Delhi and Dr. George Papcun, PhD (Acoustic Phonetics) who is a forensic expert in acoustic analysis and has been relied upon as an expert witness in numerous high profile cases. Truth Labs’ Advisory Board is headed by former CJI Mr. M N Venkatachaliah.

3. These reports found that most parts of Mr. Mulayam Singh’s speech were copied from the 2006 conversation between Mr. Amar Singh and Mr. Mulayam Singh, onto the fabricated CD. Moreover, on the basis of spectrograms, it was established that there were multiple signs of editing and gaps in Mr. Shanti Bhushan’s purported speech in the conversation. Words/phrases have clearly been edited/lifted from many different conversations and stitched/spliced together.

4. On 18th April 2011, the Delhi police finally collected the copy of the CD from Mr. Shanti Bhushan and were given a copy of another CD containing a conversation between Mr. Mulayam Singh and Mr. Amar Singh, which was filed (along with transcript) in the Supreme Court by Mr. Prashant Bhushan in Amar Singh’s tape case in 2006 itself. The police were told that several parts of Mr. Mulayam Singh’s speech in the fabricated CD were directly copied from the 2006 conversation between Mr. Amar Singh and Mr. Mulayam Singh; and pasted onto the fabricated CD.

5. On 21st April 2011, the Economic Times carried a report that the CFSL-CBI, Delhi has given a report to Delhi police that the CD was genuine and did not have any breaks. The same day, select media channels started running the story that the CFSL-CBI had concluded that the CD was continuous and showed no signs of editing. Nobody however, had a copy of this purported CFSL-CBI report. The Delhi Police did not officially confirm or deny it.

6. Despite this, the media has been raising doubts about whether the CD is fabricated, primarily on the basis of the alleged CFSL-CBI report and the anonymous report of a Govt Lab cited by Hindustan Times.

Q3. Why should we not rely on the report of the CFSL government lab?

1. Based on past experience there are questions on the credibility of reports released by Government labs. Also, Prashant Bhushan has gone on record much before the CD was supposed to have been sent to CFSL apprehending that there is an orchestrated campaign to malign the Bhushans and it appears that the Government is behind it. Under the circumstances a government controlled lab such as the CFSL cannot be relied upon. such as the CFSL cannot be relied upon.

2. How can CFSL not even be able to detect the copying of Mulayam Singh’s speech in this fabricated speech from 2006 conversation with Mr. Amar Singh (which has been filed in the Supreme Court in 2006) and pasting it onto the fabricated CD?.. They already have the report of Truth Labs and Sound Evidence, showing exact positions of editing signatures and some of the gaps in Mr. Shanti Bhushan’s speech.

3. The Bhushans have in any case petitioned the Supreme Court to order an impartial investigation regarding the CD.

Q4. How can one trust two private labs commissioned by the Bhushans ?

1. Both labs are not only highly renowned for their professionalism as expert witnesses in various cases but also have provided clear spectrographic evidence of the exact positions of editing signatures and gaps.

2. One report has been given by one of the world’s leading experts on Acoustic Analysis, George Papcun, His CV can be accessed from here.

3. The second report is of Truth Labs whose Chairman of the Advisory Board is Retd. Chief Justice of India, M N Venkatachalliah. Their website can be accessed from here.

4. On the other hand, the so called CFSL-CBI report, has not been shown by any media organization , which relied on that report. Hindustan Times has not even named the lab or author, of the so called report or quoted even a sentence from it.

5. In any case, there cannot be any doubt whatsoever, about Mr. Mulayam Singh’s speech, having been copied from 2006 conversations with Amar Singh and pasted onto this fabricated CD.

Q5. Why weren’t Mr. Shanti Bhushan’s voice samples been taken, to examine their authenticity in the said CD?

The voice does appear to be of Mr. Shanti Bhushan, but the forensic reports show that bits and pieces from different conversation appear to have been spliced together to create his speech in the purported conversation.

Q6. So who could have fabricated this CD and circulated it in the media?

1. Amar Singh’s voice in the initial part of the CD is clear and appears continuous, since he says that Mr. Shanti Bhushan is sitting with him (which is factually incorrect). If that is true, it appears clearly that he has participated in fabrication of this CD.

2. Moreover, he mentions the name of the judge who is dealing with the 2G spectrum and Amar Singh’s own tape case in Supreme Court. His objective of fabricating this CD would be to:

a. Smear the Bhushans (Mr. Prashant Bhushan was seeking the public disclosure of Amar Singh’s tapes in that case and got             two chief secretaries of UP appointed by Amar Singh, removed through Supreme Court).

b. Get the concerned judge to recuse himself from the 2G case and Amar Singh’s tape case.

3. That is why, Mr Shanti Bhushan has filed a criminal contempt petition at Supreme Court and has sought an independent investigation into the conspiracy behind the fabrication of the CD. The fact that the CFSL-CBI has been made to give what appears from media reports to be a dishonest report and the Delhi police, which didn’t collect the copy of the CD for four days after the FIR, has participated in disseminating the CFSL-CBI report without showing copy to anyone, shows the involvement of the Central Govt in this smear campaign.

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