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Windows Phone 7

Mona Rajhans, BeyondHeadlines

Past always lays foundation for the new world and similar is the case in the digital world. Gone are the days when ‘roti, kapda, makan’ were the basic necessities of life. Without phone and computer (laptop) life seems incomplete.

But now both can be in one gadget. Here comes another Operating System(OS) for phones.

After the blast by Symbian, rim, apple’s i-phone OS, now its turn of windows phone 7 series to rule the world. Microsoft launched the latest version of its mobile phone operating system, called ‘WINDOWS PHONE 7 SERIES’. The new system follows the launch of windows mobile 6.5 in October 2009

Microsoft’s new operating system is built around a series of so called ‘Live-Tiles’, which pull in real time content from a users websites and social networks. User can create own tiles. The new interface also has a series of ‘hubs’ which bring together related content from the web applications and services into a single view.


The first phones using the new operating system will be available later this year from manufacturers of Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony Ericsson.


Windows phone 7 is the result of a complete overhaul of Microsoft’s vision of the mobile phone. It has abandoned its attempts to turn mobile phones into mini-PCs focusing instead on giving users easy access to social networking, music, video and mobile phone application.

Hope this achievement of Microsoft proves out to be a milestone like its counterpart Windows 7.

Mona is Correspondent (Technology) at BH and can be reached at



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