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Binayak: Neither Naxal sympathizer nor Opposer

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Mumbai: Dr Binayak Sen, who was charged with sedition for colluding with Naxals, was vocal against any form of violence.

Dr Binayak Sen during a press conference in Mumbai on Monday (Courtesy: The Hindu/PTI))

Speaking at Mumbai’s press Club, Dr Sen said on Monday, “Neither am I a Naxal Sympathizer nor opposer,” adding, “violence, either of the state or the non-state actors, does not cure any problem.”

He further referred to Salwa Judum as the “Frankenstein’s monster,” now out of control and alleged that it still operates, contrary to the Chhattisgarh government’s claim.

At “Meet the Press” event Dr Sen mainly spoke about displacement, poverty and land acquisition; the pressing issues in the country.

He also announced that the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and other human rights organizations are planning a signature campaign to get the sedition law repealed as it is often used discriminately to “suppress the voice of people who are protesting against forcible displacement.”

He further added, “The sedition law is not befitting free people in a free polity.”



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