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NATO Air-Strike Kills Gaddafi’s Son

Amnah Khalid, BeyondHeadlines

In a NATO air strike, Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Arab,29, and three grandchildren were killed. Gaddafi survived the attack and has been fighting a rebellion against his 41-year rule in which scores of civilians have been killed. Journalist were taken to the house hit by three missiles, with its roof blown away and mangled rods of reinforcing steel hanging. It is expected that Gaddafi would appear or make a declaration today when the funerals are expected.

Denying the allegations of fabricating the death by some media to discredit NATO, Deputy Minister Khaled Kaim said: “The air strikes were a fourth attempt to assassinate Gaddafi.” Even before a formal announcement, the Embassies of Britain and Italy were attacked and burnt by angry crowds.

The United Nations has decided to withdraw its international staff from Tripoli after its compound was attacked by angry mob and some vehicles stolen. Martin Nerisk, a UN spokesman, said that “the decision to leave the country was based on the overall security situation in Tripoli.”

NATO denied targeting Gaddafi or his family and cleared that it was targeting only military targets in the area of the bombed site. It also stated that NATO continued its precise strikes against regime’s military installations in Tripoli overnight, including striking a known command and control building in the Babal al- Aziziyah neighborhood.

NATO Commander in Chief Charles Bauchard said: “The targets were part of a strategy to hit command centers that threatened civilians.”

However, Libyan Government  official Musa Ibrahim claimed that “what was now left was the law of the jungle.” He said: “We think it is clear to everyone that what is happening in Libya has nothing to do with protecting civilians.”

Thousands of civilians have lost their lives in fighting between rebels and government forces prompting a huge humanitarian crisis. On Sunday, an aid filled ship was shelled by government forces off Misrata, a lifeline for aid agencies.

Rights group claim hundreds of people have been killed in the city with government forces bombings. Refugees poured in across the border in Tunisia. A fleeing Libyan said: “I never thought I would have to leave my house but today, at the age of 80, I find without taking possession and without knowing where I am going to stay here in Tunisia.”


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