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Cops Bodies Brought Home in Garbage Truck

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New Delhi: In an incident of disrespect, the bodies of three Chhattisgarh policemen were brought to Dantewada in a Municipal garbage truck. The policemen were killed in a Maoist attack and their bodies were brought to Dantewada amid shock and criticism by families and friends.

Reports say that the police defended the move by saying that the weather was unsuitable for air travel and no ambulance was available at the time. The policemen were killed when they hit a landmine planted by Maoists. Meanwhile, the authorities say they will probe the incident.

The Dantewada Magistrate OP Chaudhry told a news channel: “It’s an unnecessary controversy. The vehicle was properly cleaned and maintained and was decorated with flowers. There were other officials on the truck too. The soldiers were brought back in full state honour. This issue is unnecessarily being blown out of proportion, and it the one doing it should not insult people like this.”



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