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Delhi Police Applied Third Degree on Scribe

BeyondHeadlines  Staff Reporter

New Delhi: Social activists and journalists condemned the use of third degree by Delhi Police on Kapil Sharma, alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication and a journalist formerly associated with Business Standard.

The group has demanded immediate and strict action from Union Home Minister and Commissioner of Delhi Police against those policemen, who were involved in persecution of Kapil Sharma. They have also threatened agitations if their demands go unheeded.

They have also condemned the killing of Jay Dey, a Mumbai based journalist with Mid Day and said that only criminals are not killing the journalists but the police is also indulged in harassment of scribes.

The severe physical and mental assault of Kapil Sharma on Saturday whole night has proved it once again, they alleged.

According to Kapil, policemen used third degree on him without giving any reason.

Kapil said, “They came and asked me to come to police station. They were asking for some information. I was completely ignorant about the matter. Once I reached police station, they applied third degree and it continued for hours.”

Kapil was to attend civil services exam conducted by UPSC on Sunday but just because of torture he was unable to appear in the exam.

The meeting was attended by the teachers including Bhupen Singh and alumni of IIMC, IIMC Alumni Association, Journalist Union for Civil Society, Journalist for Democracy, senior journalist Anil Chamadia and social activist Vijay Pratap.



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