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Suicide Bombers Kills 12 in Kabul, Taliban Claim Responsibility

Abdul Haleem

KABUL, June 18 (Xinhua) — Three suicide attackers dressed in Afghan military uniform targeted a police station in the fortified Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday leaving 12 people including the attackers dead and wounding 12 others.

“In the attack happened against a police station this afternoon, four policemen, five civilians and all the three suicide bombers were killed,” Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement released here.

The bloody attack took place at 01:45 p.m. local time and was controlled after around two hour gun battle when all the three attackers were killed, a police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai said.

“Three suicide bombers masked in military uniform raided a police station at 01:45 p.m. local time. One of the attackers blew himself up at the gate of the police station enabling two others to enter the station,” Stanikzai told Xinhua.

The police station is located in a crowded market in downtown Kabul close to the Defense Ministry and Presidential Palace.

Majority of those received injuries in the blast and gun battles are civilians, police said.

Meantime, Zabihullah Mujahid who claims to speak for the Taliban outfit in talks with media via telephone from unknown locations claimed responsibility, saying the suicide bombers inflicted huge casualties to police.

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