The Crusade Continues

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New Delhi: Anna Hazare, the self proclaimed independent India’s Gandhi, led his followers to one day token fast at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial – Rajghat – in the capital to protest against the police crackdown on Swami Ramdev’s entourage at the Ram Lila Ground.

The post-globalization Satyagraha, what he declared as the ‘second freedom struggle,’  once again managed to bring the new middle-class out of their air-conditioned rooms despite Delhi’s heat. The movement, led by India Against Corruption, however, was missing its former sheen though due to allegations of communalisation of the movement, overtly right-wing tilt and alleged adamant behaviour of the members of the so called “civil society” of the Lokpal Drafting Committee.

BeyondHeadlines’ Vaibhav Bhardwaj spent the day at the Rajghat to capture those moments.


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