Anna Expresses Regret For Hurtful Remarks; Says it was Unintentional

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New Delhi: Anna Hazare today offered apologies to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his hurtful remarks. He said that it was unintentional because his movement was not against any individual or political party but a corrupt system.

In a two-page letter to the prime minister, the 74-year-old leader reiterated that he would call off his 11-day fast if parliament passed a resolution on three key issues.

“Our agitation is against the corrupt system and if by chance any words uttered by me or any other members have hurt you or any other person then I regret… as it was unintentional,” he said.

In a strongly-worded letter to Prime Minister on Aug 13, Hazare had written: “Your government is trying to crush those who raise their voice against corruption. This is happening more often in your government.”

“You are 79-years-old and are holding the nation’s top position. You have got everything from life. What else do you want from life? Show courage and take some concrete steps.”


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