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Midnight Response to Highway Crisis Saves Lives

Afroz Alam Sahil & Akhlaq Ahmad, BeyondHeadlines

It seems crisis and disaster management training is working well for Police. At least afteer watching UP Police response to fire incident on National Highway 24, we can say so.


On monday midnight a truck filled with rubber and other synthetic materials caught fire near industrial town Gajraula on Naitonal Highway 24. The JP Nagar police responded within minutes with District Superintendent of Police Udai Pratap  taking charge at the accident site.

Fire tankers managed to control fire within one hour. Meanwhile 2 other trucks also caught fire. Injured Driver and cleaner of the truck were immediately sent to the hospital. They were reportedly out of danger.

Within minutes the Busy highway was jammed with ransport trucks and cars. With the very quick response police were able to clear the route within hours of the accident.

When BH asked, SP Udai Pratap Singh said that police were able to respond so quickly because of special training in crisis and disaster management.

Loss of life was averted due to very quick response howeveer the truck was completely damaged as materials were inflamable.

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