School, Banks, Law Firms, Corporates Funding India Against Corruption

Afroz Alam Sahil,  BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi: Questions are being raised on the sources of funding of the movements led by Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption.

While detail information about the ongoing fast at the Ramlila ground is not yet available, information given by India Against Corruption (IAC) reveals that corporates, banks as well as privately run schools have been funding the movement against corruption.

Information given by IAC in response to an application, which is nothing more than printouts of the website, shows that not only big business houses like Jindal Alumunium, Sriram Investment, Sri Orient Corporation, Safexpress Pvt. Ltd.; but even banks like Jammu & Kashmir Bank, HDFC Bank; as well schools like Caramel Convent School funded the April protest at the Jantar Mantar. Law firms like Luthra and Luthra law Office too donated money.

BeyondHeadlines has also revealed that Kabir, the NGO with whom both Manish Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal of the IAC, are associated have many donors from abroad including the Ford Foundation.

Many civil rights activists, including Arundhati Roy have questioned the sources of funding and their intent.

In an attempt to get details of finances in the latest campaign, BH has filed an application to Public Cause Research Foundation, the force behind India Against Corruption, and NGOs associated with Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare as well as Manish Sisodia. 


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