The Job of Making Laws Rests With Parliament; No One Can Use Mob to Force Govt to Pass Bill: Gujarat Law Minister

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Ahmedabad: Gujarat Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dilip Sanghani, who is considered to be a close lieutenant of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, yesterday slammed the Anna Hazare movement, saying the job of making laws rests with Parliament and that no one can use the “mob” to force it to pass a bill.

“I don’t want to name anyone but nobody can force Parliament to pass a certain Bill or Act. Parliament is the supreme authority in this country for law making, no one can force it using the mob to pass any Bill. No individual or group can force it to act in a certain way,” the minister told reporters here.

“What we have is a democracy and no mobocracy can replace it. Today certain people are using the mob to pressure Parliament to accept and pass a certain Bill, and that is not fair. If this is allowed then tomorrow some group could even use armed mobs to force Parliament to pass certain other Bills,” said Sanghani. “Parliament passes the Bills under the constitution and no civilian group or committee can challenge it. No one in the country can be allowed use coercion and crisis to get an Act they want passed.”

“In a Parliamentary system there is provision for considering the people’s voice, but if only a handful of citizens force the government and Parliament to adopt and pass a certain Bill or Act, that is not permissible,” he added.

“We need to eradicate corruption from the country, but there are other remedies available in the Constitution to act against unexpected acts of any authority like the Chief Ministers, Prime Minister or President. No one can overrule the constitution,” he added.

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