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NGO Holding Film Workshop for School Children

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We Sprawl, a creative group, is holding film making workshops this October where the children from NGO private schools are participating in the workshop where they will come out with one minute documentary. The batch is a mixed group, consisting of privileged and underprivileged children, of varying age group.

“Young aspiring people need such platforms. That’s our only aim, that is to give them opportunities. You do not know the kind of thinking they have. It’s completely out of the box. They never fail to surprise us. Their simple questions break the conformist pattern of education we have,” says Aqsa Anjum, one of the founder members. The children directed and suggested the story themselves, they will come out with the one minute documentary.

‘We Sprawl’ is a group of freelance journalists, film makers, event managers, theatre persons and photographers. They keep on conducting theatre, film making, photography and journalism for privileged and under privileged children. It founder members are all young creative female professionals who founded the group in 2010.

Earlier this year, in April, We Sprawl conducted a cultural extravaganza ‘over a cup of coffee’ at the heritage Indian Coffee House in Connaught Place, New Delhi . There was music, photographs, untold stories by children. In 2010 We Sprawl conducted creative workshop for privileged children of Father Agnel school and unprivileged children of NGO Deepalaya. The news stories done by children of Father Agnel during photo and journalism were edited by French journalists Sujatha Samy and Isreal Ayala.

The current film workshop is a joint venture of TERI and PVR Nest, CSR unit of PVR cinemas, where WE SPRAWL is conducting two out of ten such workshops.

The first workshop was held for children of NGO butterflies and Windows Art and Craft Centre. The second one will be held in Army Public School.The films will be screened at PVR cinemas in the end.

The workshop is held for four days and the first day goes in ice breaking, that is to make both the groups comfortable with each other. Then they were taught basics of camera and aesthetics involved in shooting.

Sumiran Preet Kaur of We Sprawl said, “We salute the talent in these young aspiring students. They refuse to simply nod yes if they disagree with something. They are honest, expressive, and enthusiastic and have fresh ideas, so it’s a challenge for us also. They will simply ask you ‘why can’t we paint our sky pink’. And shut you up. They are the real heroes; we are simply the guiding lights.”


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