RaOne Is Not as Big Disappointment

It’s just the beginning to something bigger!

Chandini Mansinghani, BeyondHeadlines

How difficult is it to be satisfied with what we see? When Shah Rukh Khan himself quotes that RaOne was a dream project and this was a step to take Hindi cinema to a different standard and move it close to Hollywood style of movie. It is well understood that this is the beginning. But this could be one reason why Ra One won’t do well! Once people high walk into the theater with high expectations, it’s difficult to walk back being contended with whatever effort is put into the movie. Speaking of efforts, this could be the maximum one could do for his/her movie.

SRK plays two roles one of Shekhar Subramanium, who is a gaming expert and on his son Prateik’s (Armaan Verma) say makes a game in which the villain is stronger than the hero. The two characters of the game are Ra-one, the bad one who can take form of anyone and is as powerful as the hero and G-One the good one who takes the face of Shah Rukh Khan.

Eventually G-One is supposed to protect Prateik and Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) the family of the geeky Shekhar Subramanium. The clashes of Ra One and G One are the main quotient of the movie.

The promos or movie don’t exactly reveal who Ra One exactly looks like as he can take the face of anyone but his character will surely shock the audience. Surprise! Surprise!

Some things that won’t change with Indian movies is the emotion factor, even Robots have emotions and ties with family and relationships. Be it Chitti in Robot or G One here. Speaking of Chitti why won’t Mr Rjnikanth or saying it better “The Thalaivar of South Indian cinema” wish to make it special for SRK in his own dream project?! Yes there is a scene that would catch your eye where both the robots of Indian cinema showing of the googles stunt together!

It almost seems like a perfect movie but the special effects and graphics are yet to be talked about! To rate it as perfect, it would be compared to Hollywood cause nothing like that is done earlier on here. On the other hand it would be wrong to compare it to the same as this is just a new phase to Indian cinema.

But to point out some flaws, things like the local train coming to stop on the main road, a bit more home work to be done on the living of South Indians (not all South Indians these days call keys, kiss) and better finishing to the special effects. The audience at one point of time realizes that there was not much need to add the 3D effect to the movie; it could do the same without it!

The concept, story, casting, stunts, songs are all of their own kind. Not to forget to put to light the character played by Kareena Kapoor, Shahana Goswami, Satish Shah and many more. The amount of work put into the movie is clearly visible. It is a movie of its own kind, however it fails slightly in packaging and at places the script appears to be losing the grip. With so much of hullabaloo through aggressive marketing and promotions, the movie appears to be average and audiences are left with mixed reactions. Take family along, especially children. The movie deserves to be seen!



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