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Twitter Trick: Make More than 1000 Followers of Your Twitter Account

Mona Rajhans,  BeyondHeadlines

Twitter has become the most commonly used social networking online site by most people these days.  By increasing the twitter followers one may let other people read the updates that one has posted. Here are a few ways to help improve the twitter followers:

Trick1: Take pictures as they are heavily retweeted and spread around.

Trick 2: Start a contest. You may not reach the number 1 most followed spot but certainly would end up adding a number of followers.

Trick 3: Tweet about the things you are passionate about and #hash tag them. It is an easy way to find quality content that never fails.

Trick 4: Land your twitter account into the real world. Every time you give a talk, speak up on a panel, shoot a podcast or hand out business cards; do whatever you are more comfortable with.

Trick 4: Watch out for the tweets of the top twitter users. Pay special attention to the quality of content they have been using.

For the beginners, just by following these simple steps, you can surely make a good mark. Advertising today is solely a game in the industry, which results in the formula, the more the ads, the better sales you get.




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