Admission in JMI on Political Recommendation!

Afroz Alam Sahil, BeyondHeadlines
New Delhi. If you have failed to appear for Jamia Millia Islamia entrance test, then no need to worry we suggest you an easier way to get admission in JMI.

Just get in touch with some influential politician and your seat will be secured in JMI, even if you have not appeared for the mandatory entrance test. The documents with BeyondHeadlines porves how JMI give admission on recommendation of politicians.

A student named Kunwar Bariq Hameed Wani s/0 Mr. Abdul Hameed Wani was given admission in JMI senior secondary school  on request of Rajya Sabha MP Mohseena Kidwai. Kunwar Bariq did not appeared for the mandatory enterance test. Keeping all admission rules aside University Vice Chancellor Mr. Najeeb Jung directed the school to admit Mr. Bariq in class XI session 2010-11.

Interestingly, Mrs. Kidwai wrote to JMI Vice Chancellor Mr. Najeeb Jung on 8th September 2010 and on her recommendation Mr. Bariq Wani was given admission on September 15.

In her letter to Najeeb Jung, Mrs Kidwai said that the student could not continue his studies in Kashmir due to turmoil in the valley as schools and colleges were closed. The question here is Mrs. Kidwai can send recommendation for one Mr. Bariq, but what about thousands of those students whose studies were affected due to violence in Valley?

When we enquired about the said admission with JMI spokesperson Mrs. Simi Malhotra, she said no admission can be given without following the admission procedure and appearing for entrance test. When we spoke of documents in possession of BeyondHeadlines she said please speak to Registrar Mr. S.M. Sajid regarding the same.

The registrar said that it is not possible to get admission on recommendation in JMI, we get many recommendations from politicians but only those students are given admissin who pass entrance test. If you have any document to prove that any student was given admission ignoring the rules then please publish the same.


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