Has Jamia Really Swallowed Funds for Batla Victims?

Afroz Alam Sahil, BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi. The alleged Batla House ‘encounter’ is once again in National Focus. The reason is political parties are trying to take all possible benefit by politicizing the issue as much as they can.

But political parties are not alone in exploiting the Batla House ‘Encounter’, The Jamia Millia Islamia has gone further in exploiting the incident economically. The JMI is reluctant to share details of funds collected for legal aid to grieved families of students killed and arrested.

It should be remembered that the Samajwadi Party has donated ten lakh rupees for legal aid to Jamia Old Boys association but not a single rupee has been given to grieved families.

Students of JMI also collected around one lakh rupees from Public, the teachers of JMI promised to give one month salary to aid of victims. When BeyondHeadlines filed an RTI seeking information about these Funds, the JMI administration declined to share any information.

In the RTI we have also questioned legal status of the case and JMI’s stand on it but the questions were left unanswered in an half hearted reply by the JMI.

Here we must also tell you that after the encounter, JMI was the first institution to offer full support to the families and to stand to fight for the cause. Jamia students and teachers called many protests and sought to help the victims but now Jamia is not only failing to act to its promises it is also very reluctant in sharing information about the funds collected in name of the said ‘encounter’.


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