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Chase Success Till it Chase You

Zafrus Salam, BeyondHeadlines

Most successful men have not archived their distinction by having some new talents or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand, Bruce Barton, the most famous advertising man of his era, said. There are many people who have not only created an opportunity for himself but also exploited it and made a big name in their respected fields and Nathalal Chauhan is one of them.


Chauhan (54), who was born in Sion & brought up in Dharavi (Mumbai), remembers the extreme poverty and hardships of his early days. His family was so poor that he could not afford to buy a shirt till he passed out of class 12in 1976. He worked as a salesman for a meager sum in the steel market in Mumbai and later on he tried his hands in other businesses but success remained elusive. Year after year passed but his family condition did not change. He decided to devote full time to his family business-Pottery. In 1982, fortune smiled and he received orders in bulk from a Japanese company. The orders that came his way included all earthen pots and decorative items. He started making fancy items and the orders kept rising.  He used to work 14-16 hour every day for many years.  

“I made people realize the significance of painting in pottery items and made many permanent customers,” he recalls.

Today, he runs Chauhan Earthen Pots that makes all kinds of earthen pots such as Kundas, Matkas, decorative Diyas, interior accessories and mural and fiber pots. He mainly exports to clients in the USA, UK and Japan.

With a smiling face and a glint of pride in his eyes he says, “Gone are the days of anxiety and sweat as I lived under the cover of hunger and darkness. Now, I am leading a decent life with my wife and one son Tushar – who is in the Merchant Navy and one daughter who is doing her post graduation.”

According to Chauhan Pottery business has a bright future as it has turned out to be a preferred corporate gift all over the world. 


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