Legislative Assembly Should Strive for Maudany’s Freedom

Jameela Prakasam

Executive, judiciary and legislature are the three main pillars that keep democracy intact. Media is the fourth estate that stands beside these three main pillars. But there are some cracks / loop holes seen on the foundation of this fourth estate. What security do we, the people who sleep under the strong roof of the strongest nation that is  built upon these four pillars, have? We face a strong face of insecurity.

Laws like TADA, POTA have been introduced in our country. They are supposed to save human rights but they create lot of injustice and denial of human rights. More than 50,000 people were arrested under these laws but the police could register case against only below 900 people. Others had to remain in the cells for months, some of them for years and some of them died in the prison itself. We discuss the issue of Maudany in this kind of atmosphere we are in.

Let our consciences be with Maudani. Let our consciences also be suffocated with him in the cold, dark prison cell having no proper air circulation. Then all our thousands of choked breath at last burst and may he come out free right to the middle of  people, overcoming all the prison cells; as he did in the Coimbatore case. This is what motivated me to speak for him in my first address in the Assembly. I had already asked that day to arrange to do the necessary formalities for him to get proper medicine etc.

Let us fight with all our strengths with the help of thousands of Maudanys until he comes back as a free man to the people. May his effort help the backward and Dalits of Kerala and create a new dawn in the political scenario. To attain this we have to gather as many times; we have to conduct as many peaceful programmes; we have to protest through a number of democratic, plain probes; thus we should awaken the govt. that is in deep slumber or pretending to sleep. Our basic aim is to free Maudani. Let us all be with him with our good minds and consciences.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect BH’s editorial policy.


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