Singhvi, Sex and Congress

Will Singhvi be removed from Congress?

Kamala Kanta Dash, BeyondHeadlines

The incident of Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s alleged involvement in a sex CD has embarrassed the ruling Congress Party. This CD made by Mr. Singhvi’s driver Mr. Mukesh Kumar Lal has reached the media houses and also has been uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. Singhvi has in fact denied the authenticity of this CD by calling the story as forged, fabricated and baseless.


Sensing the possible bias and under reporting by the mainstream media, the netizen activism has made the issue viral on internet and social networking sites. A facebook group named Singhvi Video has been created with You Tube links to the alleged video. In the meantime Mr. Singhvi has got a restraint order from the Delhi High Court to stop the distribution of the CD. This has come as a major relief to the Congress Spokesman. Despite the national debate on his impending removal from the party, according to sources and party insiders, it seems that the Congress leaders consider this as his personal matter and will defend him.

The opposition BJP has asked for clarifications and reportedly preparing a strategy to attack Congress and demand Singhvi’s removal. It is important to remember that in February 2012 Mr. Singhvi while responding to the issue of BJP MLAs’ allegedly watching porn in Karnataka and Gujarat, had questioned the moral base of BJP and had termed BJP as the “Supermarket of Irregularity and Immorality”. He had asked the BJP that “in the temple of democracy (assembly), you have pornography”.

The major debate is here between the issues of personal life and possible misuse of power for personal gain. It is true that the individual right to sexual conduct is a personal affair and must be left like that. If this is the case then how we deal with the issue of “personal is political”. The next editorial in the weekend will deal with the issues of Sex, Morality and Power.

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