How to deal with Patriarchy and Crime Against Women?

INSAAN proposes to start Indian Men’s Alliance Against Patriarchy

Dear Friends,

We at INSAAN (Initiative for Nation’s Service and Affirmative Action Network) and BeyondHeadlines are at severe pain to accept the horrible tragedy of the young girl who was gang raped and brutally attacked in Delhi. In the time of pain and anger we stand in solidarity with her, her family and everyone else who has felt the unspeakable pain. We thought we need to do something. Can we do something together that will have an impact on the wider society especially on our youth? We want your feedback.

We want to start an Indian Men’s Alliance Against Patriarchy (I-MAAP), which as a national platform will raise issues of violence against women and children. We invite like minded men and women to come together to educate, train and sensitize the future generations of men and women who reject Patriarchy in private and public life. Patriarchy literally means the rule of the father (or men) and is the most pervasive system of social thinking that privileges men over women and is the foundation stone of all other ideas that subjugate and subordinate women because they are women. Patriarchy considers women inferior to men in all aspects of human life. Dowry, domestic violence, female feticide, sexualising women body, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, prostitution, rape and all other forms of violence against women are all manifestations of the patriarchal thinking and practice. We all, both men and women have been trained to be patriarchal in one way or the other. The task is to identify this and deal with this thinking both at the personal and social level so that we don’t continue to subscribe to this deeply inhuman thinking and practice. Insaaniyat ko patriarchy ki haivaniyat ke khilaf khada hona hai. Humanity has to stand against the devil of patriarchy.

Please feel free to share your ideas on the following questions.

1.What should be done to deal with Patriarchy?

2.What are the best religious, spiritual and ethical examples that support Patriarchy?

3.What are the best religious, spiritual and ethical examples that oppose Patriarchy?

4.How should Patriarchy be dealt in policy and law?

5.Can there be a Counter-Patriarchy Policy? If yes what would be its contours?

6.What can NCERT and MHRD do to reflect a genuine concern for gender equality and dignity?

7.What can schools and teachers do to counter-patriarchy?

8.What can families do to train kids to counter-patriarchy?

9.How does the media perpetuate the patriarchial thinking and what can be done to change this?

10.  How best can we use the proposed Indian Men’s Alliance Against Patriarchy to further an anti-patriarchal and pro-gender equality culture?


Team INSAAN and Team BeyondHeadlines

Email: [email protected]




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