Mumbai Students Re-Enact Bus Rape Incident

Krishnaraj Rao for BeyondHeadlines

Mumbai : Rape and violence continue to dominate the mind scape of young Mumbaikars, it seems. At the ‘Let’s Act’ drama festival held yesterday at Ravindra Natya Mandir Mini Theatre, the students of R D National College elaborately re-enacted the recent bus-rape incident, in a play titled “Is This Humanity?” This was one of the five plays that was selected for re-enactment in the finals of the drama festival, to be held at Sophia Auditorium on 5th January.

The other teams selected for the finals were, Pragati College, which enacted a humourous play “Adjustment” (about how one needs to make adjustment in all spheres of life), K C College (a play on communalism based on “Panchatantra”), Mumbai University’s Dept. of Journalism & Communication (“The Darkest Desire”, which talks about incest) and Swami Vivekanand College (“Wakt Nahin Hai” – a balletic satire about modern living.)

St. Andrew’s Chorus, which re-enacted the Mumbai 7-11 Train Blasts, and St Xaviers College, which enacted the Greek tragedy of Achilles, provided some extremely kinetic and memorable scenes.

The entire approach was minimalistic, with emphasis on creativity and powerful acting rather than lavish sets. The only stage sets available were two 1.5 feet levels, two nine inch levels, and some tables and chairs. All the work was done by the students themselves, without help from professionals.

This drama competition is organized by Helen O’Grady International, in benefit of ADAPT (formerly Spastic Society of India). Helen O’Grady’s Youth Theater workshops are enabling students to express themselves creatively.

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