My Dear Braveheart

Kamala Kanta Dash for BeyondHeadlines

My Dear Braveheart

I am in deep and intense pain,
a very personal one,
but want to share with you, my dear braveheart
What happened to you on 16 Dec, was to scare
All women on the Street
You awakened our deep sleep
Compassion and Demand for Justice
Came out of our outrage
Without Your knowledge
With your pain and struggle to survive
… You became a symbol of our age old struggle
Against a failing and sleeping system
We continued to pray for your wellbeing
Your organs failed you, all of us and the humanity
We are ashamed…
We all are responsible for your untimely, tragic death
For me you are a martyr who died for the cause of gender equality
Your death has brought anger, outrage, tears and compassion
May it bring sensitivity in society, in police, in policy and in men
Hope no one is raped ever

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