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Numbness !!!

Musab Iqbal for BeyondHeadlines

There are thousand reasons to be depressed, hundreds to be sad and few to feel numb. Those incidents that make us numb open us to a new world of reality, which we feel far from our reality. The series of event thus followed by one event or series of response on one response is much more perplexing. Decadence is thus rediscovered by every event of such nature.

Words, hollow words, words made up of letters we use to express to come out of our own emptiness and void cannot thus represent certain kind of outcry, certain kind of fear, trauma and hence the numbness.

The girl who boarded the bus paid 10-rupee ticket and traveled with the boy friend at the time when the sun and moon were not parted by the time factor. Unaware of the fact that some thing beyond barbaric is going to happen to her in the city of light, development, culture and history. Even the walls, which stood during the time of Nadir shah and Taimur, cannot endorse such brutality on a weakest of individual.

The bus was moved by the fuel of lewdness and ill intent with the steering of ‘civilization’ taking it to the road of development inviting the blind eyes staring at the window for kilometers that see

When I clicked the news of arrest of some of the rapists, one tweet below the news immediately caught my eyes and since then I was left wondering what that obscure piece of text, a single line of tweet represent, reflect. Deciphering it is still not easy when one respond to a news about rape in words like ‘ Indian problems- too many boys and much less girls. Too much porn and much less reality.’

What exactly the young man (I assume him to be) is trying to explain or explore looks very haunting at the same time indicating the hollowness of the society in which we are living. Porn as a mere theme of misogyny in very explanation of Gail Dines if not become part of reality then the rape of this kind will continue, is it so?

Beyond the cliché and the usual rhetoric: capital punishment for rapist, mob justice for such men, dressing sense must improve, there is a timing to go out, society need chastity and so on and so forth is in no way enough to respond to this ‘Rape Crisis’

These efforts will lead to nothing, as it is a response to events not to those moments where it is made.

The slope leads to the mill, but efforts leads to nothing – Pessoa

What kind of effort is then needed, what kind of solidarity should be displayed, what kind of movement we need to build to stop such heinous crime and what kind of institution we need to structure to respond to the crisis is what we shall all be thinking but above all we need an immediate movement to conserve the sanity, perhaps!


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