Prime-time Rape in Delhi Busy Roads : What Human Rights Activists Suggest?

Madhu Agrawal for BeyondHeadlines

There was a time when Lal Bahadur Shastri resigned as Union Railway Minister owning moral responsibility for a rail-accident. But in the new-low for capital-city when rapists could do their job in prime-hours at busy roads of Delhi, political rulers could only give condemning statements without taking moral responsibility for ever-increasing lawlessness in the city. Do such incidents mainly due to negligent attitude of law-makers towards legislating stringent punishment like death-penalty for rapists, not make it a point for aborting female foeticide to save their due-to-be born daughters in our male-dominated society?

Stringent punishments under Islamic law for crimes keep law & order situation in those countries under control. Time has come when instead of abolishing death-penalty its scope should rather be extended for rapists. Or else our human-rights activists crying against death-penalty should suggest some remedy for safeguarding human-rights of women from rapists where women are dominated section of society created by nature. Politicians opposing Women Reservation Bill in our male-dominated society should also re-think their attitude at a time presence of more women in legislature may perhaps make legislature more sensitive towards women-related crimes.


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