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Shinde’s Kneeling Down…

Nizam Shaikh for BeyondHeadlines

It came as expected. Ultimately the Sangh Parivar succeeded in extracting an apology from the Home Minister and the government in turn, assured the cooperation of BJP in running the session of the house. It virtually looks like, in a Desi terminology, a “Noora Kushti” between two major parties which hoodwinked the not only the nation but even their respective partners in governance and alliances. The impression given is that, the issue is closed now.

Is that so simple?

Both the Home Minister’s statement at Congress conclave and the recent apologies left trail of vital questions deserved to be responded by the Home Minister with clarity.

Terrorism is not a subject to be played as political ball but needed to be dealt with all seriousness and sincerity. The flip flop shown by the government and its Home Minister is ominous and very dangerous for the country.


The questions left are:

    Was the statement on Hindu terrorism by the Home Minister was wring? If that is so, as a responsible minister, how the Home Minister can misguide the Nation? If as, stated in the apology, it is true, then what about the Home Minister’s claim that he has records of the involvement?

    What about the revelation in Samjhouta Express Case, the Malegaon case, the Makkah masjid, Ajmer and other cases where it is clearly established that the right wing fringe has clear involvement?

    Why the investigations and cases on all the above cases have been dragged and delayed whilst the innocents who were implicated in these cases were released by the courts?

    Is there any tacit understanding between Congress and BJP to guard the Hindu extremists and hang the innocents to cover up?

    When the nation will know the real culprits behind various crimes of terrorism?

    Has the BJP succeeded in guarding the right wing terrorist through Congress?

    How come the Congress is that stupid to pay the price for Right Wing terrorism whereas the perprators, the supporters and known divisive forces will amass the benefits?

The nation really want to know that and it is ironic that since both parties with tacit understanding of cooperation, the alliance parties having no say in it and the government machinery with Right Twilit, it seems, never will come out and the nation will keep on receiving the brunt of terrorism.

(The views expressed here are personal.)

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