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Terror of TV Channels!

Rasheed Ansari for BeyondHeadlines

Much has been already said about the irresponsible attitude of TV channels, which have been propagators of  “HATE” against Muslims, on the name of “Islamic Terrorism”, by propagating unauthentic, biased and imaginary reports about innocent Muslim youth without any proof!

All the suspected terrorists bear Muslim names, they are known and unknown persons, and there are   few about whom even their family members and even their parents do not know where are they? Dead or Alive? as they are missing for a long time.

Photo Courtesy: AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade

Conveniently and confidently they claim that the latest blast could also be the reaction of hanging of Kasab and Afzal Guru or so called hate speech of Akbaruddin Owisi (forgetting Togadia and many others!)

About these channels a lot more could be written but avoiding these I take up their hate role. There is no proof about the existence of “Indian Mujahideen.”

By blaming Indian Mujahideen Muslims of India are blamed aggressively. All supposed terrorists, shown are persons with Muslim Names and appearance. Needless to say this is an attempt of creating hatred towards Muslims!

Link of Indian Mujahideen is shown with Terrorists of Pakistan. All such things are indeed objectionable. Lawyers, Experts of Law and, particularly all secularists and Muslims ought to consider if any legal actions, under “PIL” and in the light of 153 & 153A is possible?

How TV channels could be controlled, as they cannot be allowed to damage the Good Will and Reputation of entire “Muslim Community of India.”

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