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A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence against Women

Jyoti Ghag for BeyondHeadlines

The 8th March is International Women’s day. The UN declares an International Women’s Day theme for year 2013, it’s “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women”. For a country that worships Durga and Kali, it’s disgrace to be tagged on number 4 in the world as ‘dangerous for women’. Experts say a woman’s struggle starts from the moment she is inside mother’s womb. I was somewhat lucky because my struggle didn’t start from the womb but started when I was around nine to ten years old. I was surviving molestation from our distant cousin who later ended up marrying my elder sister. It didn’t stop him there, he kept molesting me & threatening me with my father’s & my younger brothers’ life. He served as a Mumbai Police officer between year 1974 and year 2006. I was afraid for my father’s & my brothers’ life so couldn’t do much against him. Around year 1998 my father confronted him for laundering his bribe money through my NRE account. Finally I gathered the courage & filed complaint at Anti-Corruption office around June 1999 against him. My action made him so upset that he openly threatened me with destroying my & my love one’s life. Unfortunately our sister, his wife stood up with him against us.

Jyoti Ghag

My younger brother’s (newlywed in February ’1998) wife joined them in harassing my father, my both brothers & me. Around same time my father made living will & disowned our sister from his property. My father’s lawyer leaked this confidential information to our sister & to her husband who gave all of them added motive to harass my father further. They illegally restrained my 86 years old father in his own bungalow between July 2001 and December 2002.  They abused him for 17 months to death & continued abusing my both brothers till date. Thane Police & Thane Court officials refused to help me to stop the abusers. I filed numerous complaints to local Vartak Nager police station & office of Police Commissioner which is in Thane city, state of Maharashtra India. I continued fighting very hard to bring my father’s murderers & my brothers’ abusers to justice.

When I realized that corrupt Thane police are shielding these murderers I escalated complaints to their superiors, the Home minister & Chief Minister. Thane police commissioner who later was promoted as Mumbai Commissioner in June 2008 refused to investigate my father’s murder in spite of knowing that the murder investigation orders are issued by Director General of Police, Home Minister , Chief Minister & Chief Justice of Maharashtra between May 2005 & July 2009. Thane police team up with Thane court Judge & tried to shut me up by arresting my tortured turned Schizophrenic brother & putting him Thane jail for 3 weeks between 25 th September’2008 & 19th October’2008.

I flew all the way from Washington while interrupting my Cholesteatoma treatment & brought my brother out of jail. The angry Thane police filed false FIR against me & tried to put me behind bars under theft charges. I came back to Washington & filed detail complaint to India Ambassador Washington DC office around August 2009. Ambassador office sent my father’s murder investigation order to Chief Secretary of Maharashtra & Director General Police on 29th September’09 which reached to Addi Chief Secretory of Home Department Mumbai office in VIP Status on 30th September. If the said investigation would have taken place in Oct’09, then Mumbai CP who was dreaming to become DGP & Mumbai joint CP Crime would have been in big trouble because they were protecting my father’s murderers & our abusers. These high rank police officers manipulated Ambassador Officials & instead of acting on said investigation order they filed false complaint at US Homeland Security Department on 1st October’2009 informing them that I am planning to commit suicide at India Ambassador Washington DC office. My family & I had to go through intense FBI investigation here in Seattle.

Fortunately I could prove my innocence to FBI so they let me go but kept the investigation in unresolved status. It will stay open until Ambassador Officials would accept their wrong doing & release the Apology letter to US Homeland Security Department.  I filed detail complaint along with FBI investigation report to Prime Minister & Bombay High Court Judicature. PMO ordered CBI on 13/10/11 & Judicature ordered CBI around December’2011 to investigate my father’s murder & money laundering charges. The irony is, CBI Mumbai officials successfully put PMO & Judicature order under the rug.

After experiencing Ambassador Official’s inhuman actions & Maharashtra Home Ministry, Police, CBI’s unethical, illegal approach towards above mentioned investigation orders, I reached to Bombay High Court with 2 different petitions. The Writ petition 760/2011 was against External Affairs Ministry & the hearing of said petition took place front of Chief Justice Maharashtra Mr. Mohit Shah’s court. Surprisingly External Affairs Ministry accepted their officials’ wrong doing & released the Apology letter for me & for FBI almost immediately.

Instead of forwarding the copy of that letter to my lawyer, Justice Mr. Shah bargain with me in his open court on 11/7/2011 & on 12/7/2011 in exchange of the said Apology letter. He threatened me openly on both said dates when I refused to surrender my compensation prayer in exchange of the said Apology letter. He stated that he will make me face the Sevier consequences for not accepting his suggestion of surrendering my compensation request. He still is illigaly holding the said Apology letter in his custody illegally. I did file the detail complaint dated 5/7/2012 & the evidences of his corrupt practices to the President. The office of Chief Secretary of Maharashtra received regarding investigation order around Oct’12 from the President office which was forwarded to High Court for further investigation but till date no Authority of Maharashtra dare to investigate Justice Mr. Shah.

My another Criminal writ petition 1551/2012 was filed  in expectation of getting expedite justice against Home Ministry & involved investigating agencies based on Constitution of India Art.-21”Life” and “Personal Liberty” and Arts.21,32 and 226-“Human Rights”-Fair and impartial investigation”. The submitted Exhibits were very evident to prove the number of crimes these murderers, abusers & their protectors committed against my father & continued committing against my brothers & me which clearly comes under IPC section 300 (culpable homicide of the first degree), 120-B(criminal Conspiracy), 420(cheating), 383 (extortion), 467 (forgery), 471(using as genuine a forged document) , sections between 191 &  221(false evidences & offenses against Public Justice), sections between 328 & 348 (grievous hurt, wrongful restraint & wrongful Confinement), Violation of Mental Health Act (1987) & violation of my constitutional Rights & Human Rights Act (1993).

I was shocked to witness that in spite of having so many evidences against each & every accused in the petition, the brilliant High Court Judge like Mr. Abhay Oak for some reason chose to shield all of them. He served very confusing judgment on 30th November 2012 which is in my favor but same time all these accused also remained untouched. This judgment definitely needs to get reviewed by Supreme Court Chief Justice. The escalation of my mental, emotional torture has made me physically fragile. I am hoping that after reading my ordeal group of people, activists from my home country will come forward to help this daughter, sister, mother to meet the below requests.

 My requests are……………

1)      Having India External Affairs Ministry officials clearing my name from US Homeland Security Department & India Ambassador Washington DC office file ASAP.

2)       Having Chief Justice of Maharashtra Mr. Mohit Shah releasing the External Affairs Ministry’s Apology letter which they have submitted in his Court on 11/7/2011.

3)      Bringing my Dad’s murders, our abusers and their protectors to justice in time bounding manner with un-bailable arrests.

4)      Rescuing my brothers’ from their abusers in expedite manner and getting them urgent Psychiatric help.

5)      Taking disciplinary actions against Chief Justice of Maharashtra Mr. Mohit Shah for openly adopting corrupt, illegal practices in violating my Human & Constitutional Rights in his court on 11/7/11 & on 12/7/2011 & further.

You could access this link for related evidences  & could reach me on my email or at my home address- 18720 Ne 54th Place, Sammamish 98074 Washington, USA for further communication.

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